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Every divorce is different, and so the best way to gauge what to expect is to set up a consultation.  Within a divorce, the court will address not only the termination of your status of marriage, but the following issues as well: custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, the division of property, and payment of attorney fees. At a consultation, we discuss what you can expect as to all of these issues, the time the action will take, and the likely cost.



An annulment is an option for very few people, but we can discuss whether it would be an option for you.


Legal Separation

Legal Separation is an action in which you can separate your financial life from your spouse, without being divorced.  There are reasons that a legal separation could be the better option. This is a decision that can be addressed in a consultation.

Prenups & Postnups

If you would like to enter into a contract to address the financial responsibilities between you and your spouse or future spouse, this may be the method to do so.  Sometimes people believe they need such an agreement, but when we discuss their goals, it is not necessary. If you are considering either type of agreement, a consultation can answer those questions for you.



A parentage action not only establishes the legal parent for a child but is also the vehicle for obtaining orders regarding custody and visitation and child support if you were not married.  At a consultation, I can answer all of your questions about how

these issues could be

addressed in your case.



Restraining Orders

I handle restraining orders from the outset, but I also often come into the case to represent you at the hearing on your restraining order.  If you believe you need a restraining order, call and let my staff know right away that you believe that you need a restraining order. This issue is urgent to address immediately, and we will address the best option at the time you call.


A guardianship is a vehicle for a nonparent to obtain a formal order allowing the nonparent to have the right to act as a parent of a child.  At your consultation, we can discuss whether a guardianship is an option for you.


Spousal Support

When people are getting divorced, the court may order that the high earning spouse pay spousal support to the low earning spouse.  I can analyze whether spousal support will likely be ordered in your case, and if so, how long it will continue, and in what amount.


Custody & Visitation

When two people have children together and they have separated or are going through a divorce, the court will address their respective rights to custody and visitation.  This is usually done within a divorce or parentage case, but can be handled without either such action. The court will address

legal custody, physical custody, and a time sharing arrangement.  At your consultation, we can discuss what you think would be bestfor your children, and we can set realistic goals.


Division of Property

When people are getting divorced, the court will address the appropriate division of the property which was acquired during the marriage.  If the parties do not have an agreement otherwise, the court must make an order which results in an overall equal division of the community estate.  In a consultation, we can discuss the property which you acquired, and possible scenarios.



Child Support

When people have a child in common but are not living together the court will make an order regarding whether either party needs to pay child support to the other.  In California, we have a formula that the judge must use to determine the amount of support that will be ordered. At a consultation, I can run those calculations for you.

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